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Give your kids a head start - get your kids loving languages in as little as 30 seconds a day!

You need my 35 creative ideas and activities toolkit to introduce languages into your life and family’s life

The activities are mostly easy to set up, require little or no special materials, are free or inexpensive, and most importantly short and fun!

The activities are designed for families with children of ALL ages

The activities are designed for learners of ANY language

The toolkit is only $17 USD


Watch the video

After implementing the ideas in the toolkit, you and your family will:


  • Be loving have languages a part of each day
  • Know easy and quick ways to get languages being used in the home
  • Learning new words and increasing confidence using the new language
  • Reconnecting with a heritage language (if that is what you are teaching)
  • Powering ahead in school language studies because of the extra time and help spent on languages at home

Here’s what you get:

For $17 USD you will get the toolkit packed with creative ideas, and

  • easy-to-follow instructions,
  • list of equipment (if necessary – many of the activities don’t require anything!),
  • the suggested age range for the activity, and
  • length of time needed
  • Many of the activities come with a video demonstrating how I’ve used these with my own family!
  • Also there is a handy resource section in the toolkit too.

I help motivated parents grow a love of second language learning in their child without adding more stress and more demands to everyday life.

So you can guarantee that the ideas and activities in this toolkit will fit into your busy lives.

What language can I use the toolkit for?

Any! The ideas and activities in the toolkit are designed to be used by parents and kids learning any language at all. I have some suggestions for resources to help parents with specific languages in the toolkit too.

I am totally new to language learning and so are my kids - will this still work for me?

Absolutely! Many of the ideas in this toolkit are completely adaptable so any level of language proficiency can use them. Plus I have given tips on what resources you might need to use if you are a complete beginner and don’t know any of the language.

My child is only 1 years old, is this too young to start using another language in the house?

No! It’s never too early to start introducing a new language to your child. Many of the activities in the toolkit are suitable for babies!

It sounds amazing, but I’m just not sure we have the time in our house:

I get that! Life is busy! And even more so with kids at home, and that’s why I have designed this toolkit with busy parents (and busy kids) in mind. Some of these activities are 30 seconds or less!! We can all find 30 seconds in our day right for something important?

I am just not languages person, even though I know how important it is, I’m worried I can’t pass on this skill well enough to my kids.

I get this too! I am not fluent in any language other than my mother tongue – English, but I have learned enough in some languages and a few random words in others, that makes it fun for me to try and pass on this knowledge to my kids. But…. I wanted this toolkit to be accessible for ALL parents regardless if they know a second language or not… so that is why the activities are designed to be used for parents with no knowledge of the language or very little knowledge – there are heaps of tricks we can use to help us pass on new language – apps/dictionaries are so accessible on our phones (and free) so that we can learn words and pronunciation in a few quick seconds. Kids even love listening to the voices too and trying to mimic what they hear.

Do I have to buy other programs or app or anything?

I have put in suggestions for some of the activities, but most of the ideas in this toolkit are free and many you can create yourself anyhow rather than purchase (but for the slack people amongst us – there are purchase options too) Also I have included templates and printables where appropriate too.

Do you offer refunds?

Because it’s a digital product, I don’t offer refunds.

I speak a heritage language, will this toolkit work for me and my family?

Yes! The activities are completely customisable for you and your family  – for the language you are learing AND your level of competency in that language.

The best time to start learning a language was yesterday, the next best time is TODAY! Right now!

You know this is important to YOU, your family and your KIDS…. So the best time to start is TODAY! No more feeling bad, beating yourself up or comparing yourself to others. This is your life and your journey, and language learning is no different – we need to take our own road.  Start off tring one of the quick and easy activities under 30 seconds, and see how it goes…. Then add another and before you know it, languages will become a natural part of your day, your home, your life and your relationship with your kids.

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