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New Caledonia French Language Trip
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New Caledonia


25 – 29 May 2020


Have you always wanted to add some language study to a trip overseas?

Now is your chance!

Come and join us on our next language trip!

New Caledonia

How to book and find out more?

Please register your interest here for the New Caledonia French Language Trip.


Noumea is the capital and main city of New Caledonia.


25 – 29 May 2020 (4 nights/5 days)

New Caledonia French Language Trip


This French Language Trip to Noumea, New Caledonia is aimed at beginner French learners. However, intermediate and advanced French learners are welcome – we can arrange private tuition for your levels. Contact Penny to chat about your level and experiences.

Families and kids are welcome on this trip. Kids aged 10 years and above are welcome to join in the French language program (if parents/carer are also participating). Kids aged 10 years and under will need a parent/carer with them at all times. If there is enough interest we may run a session in French for the younger kids.

New Caledonia French Language Trip


  • French language tuition at the national French-language school
  • French conversation practice
  • Accommodation x 4 nights (3/4 star hotel) Upgrade to 5-star hotel resort available 
  • Transport to French school
  • Welcome dinner
  • Breakfast each day
  • Farewell dinner
  • Island trip to Amedee Island
  • Visit to Tjibaou Cultural Centre

New Caledonia Amedee Island


  • Learn the language!
  • Practice speaking
  • Visit some cool sights
  • Spend time relaxing
  • Eat amazing food and drink
  • Soak up the atmosphere in beautiful New Caledonia!

Optional add-on

2-3 nights at Sheraton Deva Resort and Spa

New Caledonia Sheraton Deva ResortFAQs

Click here for Language Trip FAQs


Contact Penny for a quote


New Caledonia is only a short flight from Australia (3.5 hours from Melbourne, less than 3 hours from Sydney and only 2 hours from Brisbane).

New Caledonia’s main island – Grand Terre is 400kms long and this is where Noumea is located (pop.100,000). The island is surrounded by its legendary World Heritage-listed lagoon.

The French first arrived in New Caledonia in 1793 and in 1853 Napolean III ordered the annexation of New Caledonia and from 1864 New Caledonia began its life as a French penal colony.

The Kanak indigenous population suffered during this time and their population massively declined. Kanak people were not granted French citizenship until 1953.

During World War Two, New Caledonia was a US military base and more than 50,000 American and NZ personnel were based here.

During the 1980s there was much resentment and some violence between the independent seeking Kanak population and the French colonists. A referendum for the people of New Caledonia to determine their independence was held in late 2018, but the vote came back in favour of retaining French governance. Two further votes will be held in the following years.

Approximately 40% of New Caledonia’s population is Kanak, 30% European and the remaining a mix of nationalities. Food is a mix of both French and local influences.

French is the official language and is spoken alongside more than 30 indigenous Kanak languages

New Caledonia French Language Trip

How to book and find out more?

Contact Penny for a Quote


Please email Penny at Lingo Mama to register for this trip and future Lingo Mama Language Trips.


I hope you can join us for this exciting French Language Trip to New Caledonia!