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Welcome to Lingo Mama – I am so glad you are here.

I’m Penny – a language and travel loving Mum from Australia.

I absolutely love language learning (and travel!) and now that I have two little kids (aged 5 & 3) I am trying to pass on my love of languages to them! 

I am all about making language learning FUN, EASY, QUICK and STRESS-FREE.

ALL important things for busy families!


I help adults and families to embrace language learning and help their kids develop a LOVE of language learning that will set them up for LIFE


I travel (at least pre-pandemic!) with my husband – Nathan (aka Lingo Dada) and our 5-year-old daughter Eliza – Lingo Bubba. And we have a new addition to the family – Sophie, now almost 3 years old. We all love the thrill of discovering a new place and we feel especially at home in Asia.

I started Lingo Mama because of my passion for both language and travel and want to share this with other people, especially parents.

It IS possible to keep learning languages alive even as a busy parent AND importantly be the best role model to our kids.

We can pass on this gift of life-long learning to our kids.

I have always loved learning languages since learning French in primary school to electing to stay back after school in high school to study Japanese!



After high school, I spent a year living in Viet Nam. When I came back to Australia I’d changed my university course to a Bachelor of Languages with a major in Vietnamese and a minor in Japanese. I continued to an honours year in Asian Studies with a focus on Vietnamese.



After uni, I still felt my language wasn’t up to scratch so I headed back to Viet Nam for another six months of study and work in Saigon.


Realising I wasn’t going to make it as an interpreter or translator (not diligent enough?!) and not dreaming of being a teacher I studied a Masters of Tourism.


Here my passion for Chinese language was ignited. In 2013 I received a Hamer Scholarship from the Victorian Government in Australia. This fantastic program enables professionals who have a passion or role involving Asia to study the language in China, Korea, Indonesia or Japan.


I headed to Nanjing, China in early 2013 ready to tackle one of the hardest languages in the world!

Over the past few years (30 + years) I have studied Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese, French, Estonian, Spanish, Indonesian and Italian. All to a varied level!

My current goal for 2022 is to rejuvenate my Chinese and help my kids start learning the basics in this language.

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Help your kids love language learning, without adding more stress and more demands to your busy life.

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