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The best foreign language
shows to watch on SBS

The best foreign language
shows to watch on SBS

The best foreign language shows to watch on SBS

SBS is a haven for foreign language shows, series, news and movies. Here is a snapshot of some of my favourite foreign language shows and series to stream on SBS on Demand. And it’s all free for Australian viewers!

Note to readers: SBS is an Australian TV channel, and you most probably won’t be able to stream SBS shows from overseas unless you can use an Australian VPN


Ku’damm ’56: Rebel with a Cause.

I am loving this German 1905s drama right now.

It’s all 1950s glam, set in Berlin, rock n roll, women’s rights, domestic violence, sexuality and Germans dealing with post-war trauma. There’s a second season too – Ku’damm ’59.

Berlin Station

Berlin Station is a spy drama and it follows an undercover CIA agent sent to Berlin. There’s a second series too.



I loved watching Spin (French) earlier this year. If you love political dramas, this one might be for you. It follows the drama of a possible terrorist attack on the Presiden, the fallout from the attack and the relationships within their media/communications agency.

Ouro – Amazon Gold

Ouro – Amazon Gold might be worth a try especially for its Central American setting (French Guyana). SBS describe it as Breaking Bad only with gold..! A French geology student is sent to Central America for an internship with grand ideas of getting rich quickly.


The Young Pope

I haven’t watched this but The Young Pope has got rave reviews. It follows the story of the first American and youngest Pope ever installed in the Vatican.

Made in Italy with Silvia Colloca

This is a gorgeous series full of Italian scenery and food. Silvia involves her kids too – speaking some Italian and some English.


If You are the One

This long-running super successful reality dating show is filmed in Nanjing, China. I have friends go on the show as contestants! It’s hilarious to watch if you are interested in an insight into the minds of Chinese millennials (well how they are portrayed on TV anyhow – take it all with a grain of salt!)


There are often episodes on Dateline featuring China, but I found the show featuring the story of the mass migration back to their hometowns in China during the spring festival to be particularly insightful.

Huang’s World

Eddie Huang is a Taiwanese American chef and author. He’s done food shows on heaps of destinations including Taiwan, China, Korea, and also Japan



The Good Doctor

I haven’t watched this series yet, but The Good Doctor is a Korean drama about a young doctor with autism. The hit US series is based on this original Korean version.


Greyzone is a thriller that follows the abduction of a high-level engineer by terrorists. It’s a joint Danish-Swedish-German production.




The Bureau

The Bureau is a series based on the real-life accounts of French spies.  In the first episode, one of the top agents returns to Paris after six years undercover in Damascus. In French, Farsi and Arabic.

What are you watching on SBS (or Netflix) that you’d recommend?

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Penelope Wilson


  • Luke

    25.09.2018 at 14:16

    I sometimes watch If you are the One on SBS – cracks me up watching the Chinese dating show – they are so blunt!
    Also watched Money Heist on Netflix – Tv series in Spanish. Got very addicted to it.

    • pennywilson

      25.09.2018 at 14:20

      Ah yes The Money Heist – another Spanish one for the list. I might have to do a Netflix post next! Thanks Luke!

  • 예스벳88

    24.10.2019 at 14:43

    Even though I am not Korean and do not speak the language, I still love watching these KDramas so much!