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How to Plan a Language
Learning Trip in 9 Steps
Step 5

How to Plan a Language
Learning Trip in 9 Steps
Step 5

How do you Set Your Budget and Language Learning Goals?

Going on a language learning trip might be the perfect way for you to learn a foreign language.

What are the 9 steps I use to organise a language learning trip?

In this blog post series, I will outline the 9 steps I use to plan and go on a language learning trip.

Start with Step 1 – how to choose a language to study and then read Step 2 – Selecting your destination.

Step 3 – looks at who is coming with you and for how long you’ll go and Step 4 – how to choose a language school.

Visit the main page with all 9 of these blog posts here.

Step 5 – Setting Your Budget and Language Learning Goals

Travelling and language learning doesn’t always come cheap… but there are a few things you can do to reduce costs and save up for regular language learning trips.

I could write endless posts on how we save and economise and budget for our language learning travels! I’ve got it down to a fine art!

Set your budget

How do we budget for language learning trips?

For our recent two and a bit week language learning trip in Taipei, we had the following budget:

Prices below for our whole family – 2 adults and 1 child (aged 16 months)

All prices in AUD (AUD$1 = approx $0.74 USD)

Flights $1300
Airbnb Taipei – $1400
Accomm for 3 nights elsewhere – $450
Food $800
Transport $200
Activities $200
Tuition – 2o hours including materials $635
Proposed Budget =$4985


We ended up spending the following….!


Flights $1862
Airbnb Taipei – $1177.55
Airbnb Tainan 3 nights – $272.86
Hotel in Taipei 1 night – $190
Food $700
Transport $320
Activities $minimal
Tuition – 2o hours individual classes including course materials= $922
Actual Budget = $5444.41


So as you can see, we spent more on flights than we had budgeted and slightly less on Airbnb accommodation. Tuition was more than I hoped but we saved a little on food and activities.
Budgets don’t always end up accurate estimates, but the important thing is you have the estimate.


Start budgeting with some of the larger ticket items like flights and accommodation to get a sense of what your trip might cost.


What are your language learning goals?

Are you aiming to get to a particular level of proficiency in your chosen language? Regardless of your level, it is definitely worthwhile setting yourself some goals related to your language learning.

My recent goals for my language learning trip in Taipei were:

  1. identifying the vocabulary I need to acquire for my next level of Mandarin Chinese (HSK 4)
  2. writing these key vocabs and grammar and practising building sentences (both written and verbal) by myself and with my teacher
  3. practising general conversation with my teacher – and filming some of these interactions
  4. get some confidence back after taking a 12-month break from my Mandarin Chinese study after I had Lingo Bubba
  5. speak as much as possible outside of my classes (start up conversations with taxi drivers, parents at the playground, neighbours in our apartment complex)


What would your language learning goals be? Can you set yourself a budget for your language learning adventure?


What could you achieve on an immersive language learning trip?

Let me know below!


I’d love to answer any questions you have. Get in touch below via the comments or on Facebook or Instagram.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post Step 6 -Selecting accommodation.


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Until next time,

Lingo Mama


Penelope Wilson

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