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How to Plan a Language
Learning Trip in 9 Steps
Step 3

How to Plan a Language
Learning Trip in 9 Steps
Step 3

Who should you travel with?

Do you want to travel solo or with family or friends?

Going on a language learning trip might be the perfect way for you to learn a foreign language.

What are the 9 steps I use to organise a language learning trip?

In this blog post series, I will outline the 9 steps I use to plan and go on a language learning trip.

Start with Step 1 – how to choose a language to study and then read Step 2 – Selecting your destination.

Visit the main page with all 9 of these blog posts here.

Step 3 – Who’s coming? For how long? And when are you going?


Who should you travel with? Your partner? A friend? Your kids? Or go by yourself?

We have been travelling with Lingo Bubba since she was almost 6 months. It’s definitely a different type of travelling but just as rewarding and fun. Would you travel on a language learning trip by yourself? Or with your partner or family? Here are a few things to consider when deciding who should you travel with.

Travelling with your partner and children

If you both love travelling and are keen to immerse yourself in your chosen culture then travelling with your partner and children can be so amazing.  You may need to set some ground rules before your language trip though so that you both know what your expectations are. How long will you spend studying? Is your partner happy to do the childminding while you are in class and studying?  Or will your children learn the language with you?

Are you and your partner both keen to study? Lingo Dada and I are both signing up for Vietnamese class in Viet Nam this November, so we are deciding now how to structure our days. We are thinking I will do morning classes and Lingo Dada will do classes in the afternoon and swap during the day looking after Lingo Bubba.

Who should you travel with? Lingo Dada and Bubba at Huashan Creative Park Taipei

Will your family/partner/children have things to do whilst you are studying? 

This is important if you are travelling with your family, as you need to know your partner and children will be happy and entertained whilst you are studying! Try and find some parenting blogs/websites of your chosen destination to get an idea of activities and services available for families. I found a cute blog for our time in Taiwan – A Toddler in Taipei.

Travelling by yourself

A language learning adventure is probably one of the best types of travel to do solo. It gives you unlimited time to focus on your studies and language practice. No one is around to care if you check out the exhibition at the gallery or do the day trip to visit a historical site. You can structure your days and time to suit your language learning.

One of the most challenging things I find about travelling solo, is eating out alone. I usually look for busy places that have other solo diners. I usually take my book or kindle too (or my language study!) so that I have something to do while I’m waiting for my meal.

If you are studying at a university or school, you will most likely find other students in a similar situation to you – other students make fantastic meal mates! Many schools organise activities in the evenings and weekends. More on selecting a school in my post Step 4 – selecting a language school. 

Travelling with friends

Do you have a friend who shares your passion for language learning and travel? They could be the perfect companion on your next language learning adventure. Having someone else to share your experiences with and to study with is a great combination.

You can keep each other motivated to learn the language and test each other on new vocab and expressions!

You may be able to share the costs of language lessons and on accommodation too. You’ll have someone to reminisce with and plan your next lanauge learning adventure with!

Who should you travel with? Travelling with a friend for your next language learning trip

How long will you spend on your language learning adventure?

If I am planning on learning the language each day I try and factor in a minimum of two weeks for each language learning trip. This allows me to have 10 days of study, usually of two hours per day of class time, plus time for my own practice and revision.

I am planning on learning a new language next year (watch this space on which language!), so for my language learning trip as a beginner I will need to factor in additional days/weeks if I can.

How long you can spend on your language learning adventure will depend on how much time you can dedicate and what your language goals are. More on planning your language learning goals in Step 5 – Making a Budget and Plan including your Language Goals. 


When will you go?

Deciding when to go on your language learning trip will be a personal decision and depends on so many things. Your work schedule, family commitments, school holidays and climate will all play a part in determining when you will travel.

Perhaps you are like me and like travelling out of season to avoid peak travel times over summer? Or you might have to fit in your language learning trip in your annual leave holiday time.


Do you prefer hot, humid summers or cold, snowy winters?

The climate you prefer will help you decide on your ultimate language learning trip destination. Even within a country, there are usually many different climates. Vietnam is a good example of a small country but with diverse climates.

Peak season

Many language schools and universities run intensive summer programs which can be a great option if this works in with your schedule. Check how hot and humid summer can get in your destination of choice though 🙂 You may also need to consider if accommodation might be harder to find during peak times. More on selecting accommodation in Step 6.


Will you be travelling solo or with your family, partner or friend for your next language learning adventure?

Let me know below!

I’d love to answer any questions you have. Get in touch below via the comments or on Facebook or Instagram.

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Until next time,

Lingo Mama


Penelope Wilson

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