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Best phrases to learn
for travel

What travel phrases should you know?

Best phrases to learn
for travel

You’re leaving in a week… eek!

What are the best phrases to learn for travel?

OK… so it’s last minute, but you are going on a trip in one week.. aahh… So what travel phrases do you NEED to know and what CAN you learn in a week?

Here are my favourite and best phrases to learn for travel.

I’ve written the phrases in English 🇬🇧, Japanese 🇯🇵, Vietnamese 🇻🇳 and Chinese 🇨🇳.

This was super challenging for me!

I often type in Chinese but hardly ever in Vietnamese and this was my first time in Japanese! It is slow going! But rewarding seeing the text on my screen! 😉

Let me know in the comments what language you are learning and where you are travelling to next?


Food and drink related


I’d like a cafe latte

🇨🇳我想要一杯拿铁。(wo xiang yao yi bei na tie)

🇯🇵 カフェラテをください。(kafeirate o kudasai)

🇻🇳 cho tôi một lý ca phé sua nong

Can I have a beer/wine

🇨🇳我想要一瓶啤酒。(wo xiang yao yi bei pi jiu)

🇨🇳我想要一杯红酒。 (wo xiang yao yi bei hong jiu)

🇯🇵ビールをお願いしま。(biru o kudasai)

🇯🇵赤ワインをグラスでお願いしま。(akawain o kudasai)

🇻🇳 cho tôi một ly bia.

🇻🇳 cho tôi một ly rượu vang đỏ.

How much is it?

🇨🇳多少钱?(duo shao qian?)

🇯🇵 いくらですか?(ikuradesuka?)

🇻🇳 bao nhiêu tiền?

Thank you

🇨🇳谢谢 (xie xie)

🇯🇵ありがとうございます (arigatoo gozaimasu)

🇻🇳 cám ơn.

Take-away please

🇨🇳带走。(dai zuo)

🇯🇵 取り除く   (tori no zoku)

🇻🇳 lấy đi

Transport related


One ticket please

🇨🇳请一张票。(qing yi zhang pian)

🇯🇵切符おください。(kippu o kudasai)

🇻🇳 cho tôi một vé.

Where can I buy a ticket?

🇨🇳买票在哪里?(mai piao zai nali?)

🇯🇵切符はどこで買えますか?(kippu wa doko de kaemasuka?)

🇻🇳 tôi có thể mua vé ơ ̉ đâu?

What time does the train depart?

🇨🇳火车什么时候出发?(houche shenme shihou chufa?)

🇯🇵何時に出ますか?(nan ji ni demasuka?)

🇻🇳 xe lửa đi mấy giờ?


Accommodation related


How much for one room?

🇨🇳一个房间多少钱?(yi ge fang jian duo shao qian?)

🇯🇵ルームいくらですか?(rumu ikurasdeska?)

🇻🇳 Giá bao nhiêu một đêm?

What time is check out?

🇨🇳什么时候退房?(shenme shihou tui fang?)

🇯🇵チェックオウトは何時ですか?(chekkuauto wa nanji desuka?)

🇻🇳 check out là mấy giờ?

What time is breakfast?

🇨🇳什么时候早饭?(shenme shihou zaofan?)

🇯🇵朝食は何時ですか?(choshoku wa nanji desuka?)

🇻🇳 Ăn sáng lúc mấy giờ


How many of these phrases do you know in your target languages/s?

Has it been handy for you to learn key phrases before a trip?


Let me know where you are travelling to next!

Until next time,

Lingo Mama


Penelope Wilson

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