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Where is our next language travel adventure?

Where is our next language travel adventure?

I really want to get back into learning Chinese. The 12 months after having Eliza I literally didn’t touch it and I don’t want all my hard work, time, energy and money to be a waste!  So where is our next language travel adventure?

Can you guess?


    1. It is famous for having amazing street food and bubble tea.
    2. It is a beautiful island.
    3. They speak Chinese!


Yep, you guessed it! We are off to Taiwan!

It will be great to start thinking in Chinese again and get that discipline…. Lingo Dada and Eliza will come too of course. So I am conscious of choosing a destination that is easy for them (someone who doesn’t speak the local language), is relatively safe and easy to get around.

I’ve registered at a private Chinese language institution in Taipei – Taiwan Mandarin Institute. I’ll be doing two hours of private tuition per day. I am keen to develop my Chinese language skills in particular areas – especially learning new vocab and expressions for tourism related conversations as well as developing some great promotional material for presentations on my small business – Tall Trees Camping!

So… I need to design my own lessons!

Chinese in Taiwan is written in traditional characters however, so I am nervous about trying to learn the more complicated, many stroked characters after only studying simplified Chinese.
Has anyone learnt in Taiwan? And started off learning simplified and then learnt traditional? How was it?
Let me know in the comments below!


xx Lingo Mama

Penelope Wilson

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